Features of BloomText

BloomText is a suite of secure, HIPAA compliant communication tools for your practice.

Here are some things that you can do with BloomText:

Secure Messaging with Colleagues

If you are looking to securely text/message your colleagues in a HIPAA compliant way, our Chat feature will meet your needs. You can easily start conversations and groups with other colleagues, and send them messages that they can receive on their phone or desktop computer.

To get started, click on the Chat module on the left bar.

Chat Module

Secure Conversations with Patients

The ‘Patient Conversations’ module is where your practice can use BloomText to manage secure communications with your patients. The built in directory allows you to keep track of contact and demographic information, as well as initiate secure or plain SMS conversations.

Best of all, your patients don’t need to download or install any software! They can receive your messages with nothing but a phone number or email address, and a web browser. Patient conversations are shared and accessible with everyone in your practice by default, but access is customizable.

To get started, click on the Patient Conversations module on the left bar.

Chat Module

Collaborate securely with other healthcare organizations

At Bloom we know that Healthcare is a team sport, and that your ability to collaborate securely with other organizations is critical to your day-to-day work. Unlike other messaging products, we’re built from the ground up to facilitate cross-organization collaboration.

You can do this in 3 main ways within the application:

  • Create chat groups with users in other organizations that you work with frequently. Just search for their name, or type in their email address when creating a new Chat.
  • Send documents securely via Email or SMS
  • Send outbound faxes

Each of these are accessible within the Chat module of BloomText, under the Create New menu.

Mobile and Desktop apps

You can run BloomText on any device! We have applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You can also use www.bloomtext.com on the web in any modern browser.

You can install the applications below: