Getting Started with BloomText!

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Welcome to BloomText, the secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging service! Follow the instructions below to get started.

Step 1: Signing Up

First things first, we need to get you set up with an account! If you received an email invitation, you can skip this step. Navigate your browser to this page. Enter the Email address you want to use with the service.

Step 2: Welcome Email

In your email account, you should have received an email prompting you to activate your account with BloomText. Click on the provided link to continue the onboarding process!

Step 3: Enter Your Information

Clicking on the link in your email will walk you through the process of entering all of your information. If an administrator invited you, this information was already created so parts of the process will be skipped.

Step 4: Create or Join Organizations

In BloomText, every user is affiliated with an organization or practice. Search for your affiliated organization or Practice. If it doesn’t appear, click the “create” option in the dropdown to create a new organization. If you’re affiliated with multiple organizations, you can add all of them here.

Step 5: Create a Password

The last part of creating your account is creating a password. Pick something secure and memorable. You can reset your password via email in the future if you happen to lose it.

Step 6: Login and Tour

When you finish the setup process, you’ll log in for the first time and be shown a brief overview of BloomText features.

Step 7: Welcome and Invite Colleagues

You’re all set! When the tour ends, you’ll see a “Welcome” message from the BloomText team. Use this chat conversation to pass along any feedback, questions, or issues you might have. The team responds quickly.

Step 8: Install Mobile and Desktop Applications

You can install our mobile applications from the iOS App Store or Google Play. You can install the applications here:

  • iOS -
  • Android -